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1 Flirting (1991)

Danny has been sent to boarding school, in this sequel to The Year My Voice Broke. Against a backdrop...

7.2/10 4,242
2 The Dick Van Dyke Show (1961 TV series)
Episode: The Night the Roof Fell In

Having each had a rough day, Laura and Rob argue, but only their goldfish can report the truth as Laura and Rob later tell colorful, self-aggrandizing versions to others of what happened.

8.0/10 50
3 Ali Rap (2006 TV movie) 6.8/10 36
4 Pawn Stars (2009 TV series)
Episode: Sub for Sale

Rick buys a midget submarine dirt cheap but the renovation could have the Pawn Shop underwater. Safer to deal in more traditional memorabilia like a Revolutionary war document, a spittoon and an R2D2 cooler.

"   16
5 The Graham Norton Show (2007 TV series)
Episode: Arnold Schwarzenegger/Ronnie Corbett/Miranda Hart/Usher
5.3/10 13
6 World of Sport (1964 TV series)
Episode: The Muhammad Ali Talk-In International Sports Special
7 The Fight (2004 TV mini-series documentary)
Episode: The Closest Thing to Dying
8 Parkinson (1971 TV series)
Episode: Episode dated 7 December 1974
9 World of Sport (1964 TV series)
Episode: Muhammad Ali Meets the Geordies
10 Grandstand (1958 TV series)
Episode: Episode dated 22 February 1964

10 titles

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