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1 In Bruges (2008)

Guilt-stricken after a job gone wrong, hitman Ray and his partner await orders from their ruthless boss in Bruges, Belgium, the last place in the world Ray wants to be.

8.0/10 252,022
2 Hesher (2010)

A young boy has lost his mother and is losing touch with his father and the world around him. Then he meets Hesher who manages to make his life even more chaotic.

7.1/10 37,570
3 Cedar Rapids (2011)

Tim Lippe has no idea what he's in for when he's sent to Cedar Rapids, Iowa to represent his company at an annual insurance convention, where he soon finds himself under the "guidance" of three convention veterans.

6.3/10 30,236
4 The Big Bang Theory (2007 TV series)
Episode: The Hawking Excitation

Sheldon uses any and all means to meet his hero, Dr. Stephen Hawking.

8.7/10 1,347
5 The Big Bang Theory (2007 TV series)
Episode: The Russian Rocket Reaction

Sheldon takes offense when Leonard wants to attend a party with Wil Wheaton, while Bernadette tries to block Howard's opportunity to go into outer space.

8.2/10 1,101
6 The Big Bang Theory (2007 TV series)
Episode: The Holographic Excitation

While Raj plans Stuart's Halloween party at the comic book store, Howard annoys the rest of the gang by constantly talking about space, and Penny tries to take more of an interest in Leonard's work.

"   1,099
7 The Making of 'Star Wars' (1977 TV documentary)

Ever wonder how they ever managed to make a movie like Star Wars? Well, bickering droid duo C-3PO and...

7.2/10 301
8 That '70s Show (1998 TV series)
Episode: Trampled Under Foot

The basement gang realizes their lives, conversations and routine are boringly repetitive, so they consider inviting a new member...

7.0/10 150
9 Storage Hunters (2011 TV series)
Episode: Score of the Century

The score of a lifetime is hidden in the back of what already appears to be a great locker, but when the bidding heats up...

10 Toy Hunter (2012 TV series)
Episode: Buck Rodgers Bet

Jordan travels to Las Vegas to find vintage Buck Rogers action figures

10 titles

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