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1 Back to School (1986)

To help his discouraged son get through college, a funloving and obnoxious rich businessman decides to enter the school as a student himself.

6.5/10 18,249
2 Duck Amuck (1953 short)

The short-tempered Daffy Duck must improvise madly as the backgrounds, his costumes, the soundtrack, even his physical form, shifts and changes at the whim of the animator.

8.5/10 5,512
3 CSI: Crime Scene Investigation (2000 TV series)
Episode: Ending Happy

A washed-up boxer is found dead at a nearby bordello. There are several suspects, motives, and signs of injury. But the medical examiner is having a hard time figuring out which blow was the actual cause of death.

8.9/10 604
4 WrestleMania VI (1990 video)

WWF World Champion Hulk Hogan battles WWF Intercontinental Champion The Ultimate Warrior live from the Skydome in Toronto, Canada.

7.5/10 429
5 Whistling in Dixie (1942)

Radio sleuth Wally "The Fox" Benton forgoes his honeymoon to help his wife's old friend solve a murder and hunt for Civil War gold inside a spooky mansion and fort.

6.7/10 308
6 Fly Away Baby (1937)

Torchy Blane solves a murder and smuggling case during a round-the-world flight.

6.5/10 151
7 Traffic Regulations (1929 short)

Citizen Stewart demonstrates the wonders of the changes made in New York City traffic regulations by the current administration, using visual aids.

5.0/10 15
8 The Wizard of Arts (1941 short)

A Jerry Colonna-like artist takes us on a tour of a wacky museum.

4.6/10 8
9 Under the Shedding Chestnut Tree (1942 short)

A pelican blacksmith is bedeviled by a tree, which drops its burred-covered chestnuts on a horse just as he is trying to shoe it.

4.2/10 6
10 The Blacksheep Blacksmith (1967 short)

The half-blind Sir Blur, who is both knight and mailman, torments a blacksmith with his bumbling.

11 Across Indiana (1988 TV series documentary)
Episode: And the Grave Is Not Its Goal/The Milkman Cometh

11 titles

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