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1 All About Eve (1950)

An ingenue insinuates herself in to the company of an established but aging stage actress and her circle of theater friends.

8.4/10 62,249
2 Bug (2006)

An unhinged war veteran holes up with a lonely woman in a spooky Oklahoma motel room. The line between reality and delusion is blurred as they discover a bug infestation.

6.0/10 24,033
3 Dear Frankie (2004)

After having responded to her son's numerous letters in the guise of his father, a woman hires a stranger to pose as his dad when meeting him.

7.9/10 16,494
4 The Long Goodbye (1973)

Detective Philip Marlowe tries to help a friend who is accused of murdering his wife.

7.7/10 13,584
5 Straight-Jacket (2004)

In 1950's Hollywood, movie star Guy Stone must marry a studio secretary in order to conceal his homosexuality. Sally has no idea her marriage is a sham, though, and turns Guy's life upside-down. Then he falls in love.

6.6/10 660
6 Mad Men (2007 TV series)
Episode: The Inheritance

Don and Betty try to keep up appearances as they go to Betty's parents after her dad has a stroke. Peter has a long-dreaded meeting with his mother before he and Kinsey leave for a convention in Los Angeles.

8.1/10 572
7 The Stork Club (1945)

A hat-check girl at the Stork Club (Hutton) saves the life of a drowning man (Fitzgerald). A rich man...

6.5/10 327
8 The Monkees (1966 TV series)
Episode: Monkees Marooned

Naive and gullible, Peter gives his guitar to a scam artist in exchange for a treasure map.

7.9/10 35
9 The Mike Wallace Interview (1957 TV series)
Episode: Gloria Swanson

Mike Wallace interviews Gloria Swanson, the former silent screen star who made a comeback in Billy Wilder's 1950 Sunset Boulevard. This broadcast was the premiere of the weekly scheduled interviews that ABC aired for 16 months.

10 Hollywood Mouth (2008)

In Hollywood, a film buff gets involved with selling a Faberge egg.

11 Hollywood Mouth 2 (2014)

11 titles

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