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1 Hotel Rwanda (2004)

The true story of Paul Rusesabagina, a hotel manager who housed over a thousand Tutsi refugees during their struggle against the Hutu militia in Rwanda.

8.2/10 203,174
2 Jackass 3D (2010 documentary)

Johnny Knoxville and company return for the third installment of their TV show spin-off, where dangerous stunts and explicit public displays rule.

7.1/10 39,828
3 North to Alaska (1960)

Sam and George strike gold in Alaska. George sends Sam to Seattle to bring George's fiancée back to Alaska...

7.0/10 4,111
4 Hafið (2002)

A rich father in a fisher village plans to take on the project of writing his life story. But first he has to take on his own family, and everybody wants something...

"   1,339
5 Le roman de Renard (1930)

In the kingdom of animals, Master Fox is used to trick and fool everyone. So the King, the Lion, receives more and more complaints about him...

8.0/10 502
6 Ma and Pa Kettle at Home (1954)

Elwin Kettle might win a scholarship to an agricultural college. Essay contest judges Mannering and...

6.8/10 294
7 Smeshariki (2003 TV series) 7.9/10 264
8 Mark Twain Tonight! (1967 TV movie)

Recreating the one-man show he starred in on Broadway, 'Hal Holbrook' portrays Mark Twain as a 70-year old humorist who skewers politicians...

7.6/10 160
9 The Kettles in the Ozarks (1956)

Ma and the kids head back to the Ozarks for a visit with Uncle Sedge (essentially a Pa Kettle replacement)...

6.9/10 148
10 When's Your Birthday? (1937)

Some shady characters discover that a sad sack nightclub bus boy has the ability to predict outcomes of races and other events through astrology.

5.7/10 110
11 Winter (1930 short) 6.1/10 97
12 Little Lamby (1937 short) 6.4/10 34
13 Seeta Kalyanam (1976) 8.2/10 33
14 North America (2013 TV series documentary)
Episode: Learn Young or Die
8.5/10 20
15 High, Wild and Free (1968 documentary) 7.7/10 15
16 North America (2013 TV series documentary)
Episode: Top 10
8.0/10 10
17 Za shchelchok (1977 short) 6.6/10 8
18 Mazer Blazer (1983 video game)

18 titles

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