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1 Movie Night (1929 short)

A family goes on its weekly outing to the movies, but the evening is hampered by an attempt to pass the wife's brother off as a child, a crowded theater, and the daughter's apparently contagious case of the hiccups.

7.1/10 71
2 Alex and Her Arse Truck (2007 short)

A story about a scooter riding zelophile called Baby Shoes and his nymphomaniac girlfriend Alex.

4.8/10 33
3 An Eye for a Tooth (2005 short)

The film deals with two families and how they are affected by tradition -- specifically a generations-old blood feud.

7.7/10 19
4 Cold Turkey (1940 short)

Harry wins a turkey at a raffle.

5.9/10 13
5 Just Plain Folks (1936 short)

In a burlesque of the radio program "One Man's Family", Tim (Tim Ryan)pays a visit to his fiancée...

6 Symbolfigurentreffen 2007 (2007 video documentary short)

6 titles

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