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1 The Fisher King (1991)

A former radio DJ, suicidally despondent because of a terrible mistake he made, finds redemption in helping a deranged homeless man who was an unwitting victim of that mistake.

7.6/10 48,359
2 The Brave One (2007)

A woman struggles to recover from a brutal attack by setting out on a mission for revenge.

6.8/10 44,917
3 Frasier (1993 TV series)

Dr. Frasier Crane moves back to his hometown of Seattle where he lives with his father and works as a radio psychiatrist.

8.0/10 42,504
4 Talk Radio (1988)

A rude, contemptuous talk show host becomes overwhelmed by the hatred that surrounds his program just before it goes national.

7.2/10 8,460
5 Na Tum Jaano Na Hum (2002)

A romantically inclined couple decide to get to know each other through letters without disclosing their identities.

5.2/10 1,643
6 The Marrying Kind (1952)

Florence and Chet Keefer have had a troublesome marriage. Whilst in the middle of a divorce hearing...

7.0/10 631
7 Midnight Caller (1988 TV series)

Jack Killian is an ex-cop in San Francisco. He quit the police force after accidentally shooting his partner...

7.8/10 622
8 Girls Nite Out (1982)

A killer, wearing a dancing bear suit, stalks a variety of cheerleaders during an all-night scavenger hunt at a remote Ohio college.

4.0/10 621
9 Open House (1987)

Someone is killing off nubile real estate agents. A psychologist doing a therapy talk show begins getting calls from the perpetrator...

3.9/10 297
10 The Best Sex Ever (2002 TV series)

A radio show host invites listeners to call in and relate their own personal story of "the best sex you ever had".

5.7/10 119
11 Hot Vampire Nights (2000 video) 5.1/10 43
12 Beverly Hills, 90210 (1990 TV series)
Episode: Greek to Me
6.7/10 38
13 Becker (1998 TV series)
Episode: P.C. World
7.7/10 35
14 Interference (2005 short) 5.7/10 14
15 Hart im Nehmen (2000 TV movie) 3.0/10 11

15 titles

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