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1 Wayne's World (1992)

Two slacker friends try to promote their public-access cable show.

7.0/10 92,617
2 Stuart Saves His Family (1995)

A self-help advocate struggles to put his dysfunctional family in its place.

5.3/10 2,128
3 The Tom Green Show (1994 TV series) 7.0/10 454
4 Popcultured (2005 TV series)

Show host Elvira Kurt and her cronies embark on a journey of suck the likes of which the world has never seen.

1.0/10 260
5 Hotbox (2009 TV series)

Hotbox is a show about a glowing hot metal box from outer space that crashes to earth and is retrieved by a group of scientists...

3.2/10 221
6 Anarchy TV (1998)

An outraged reverend buys a public access station that specializes in what he considers pornographic...

5.0/10 190
7 Found Footage Festival Volume 1: Live in Brooklyn (2005 video) 7.2/10 45
8 Murf Vs. Gimghoul (2013 TV documentary)

Murf Meyer, a poorly informed whistle blower with a mouthful of wild accusations, attempts to expose a collegiate secret society known as The Order of Gimghoul.

9.2/10 28
9 The World According to David Liebe Hart (2010 documentary)

David Liebe Hart is a self-described actor, artist, puppeteer, singer, and songwriter who has been trying to make it big in Hollywood for over thirty years.

8.7/10 15
10 T.V.: The Movie (2008)

To save their home from foreclosure, two TV producers (Oscar and Brett) bet on races, plan a robbery...

6.7/10 10
11 Do You Get It? (2014 TV series) 7.9/10 "  
12 Edward Flemmings' Please Enjoy Segment (2007)
13 The Hot Dog Cycle (2009 short)
14 Crewing Up (2008 TV series)
15 Murder, Money and a Dog (2010)

15 titles

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