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1 Olympia 2. Teil - Fest der Schönheit (1938 documentary)

The document of the 1936 Olympics at Berlin, orchestrated as Nazi propaganda.

7.9/10 1,795
2 Neptune's Daughter (1949)

A swimsuit fashion designer is determined to protect her scatterbrained sister from a South American heart-breaker, but a case of mistaken identity complicates matters.

6.3/10 721
3 Mickey's Polo Team (1936 short)

Mickey Mouse and his friends face off against a team of celebrities in a polo match.

7.0/10 321
4 Captured in Chinatown (1935)

A feud between two gangs in Chinatown breaks out into a tong war.

5.7/10 27
5 The Spy Ring (1938)

Two American-army officers are working on a new type of machine-gun for anti-aircraft warfare, when one of them is murdered. The other vows to get the spies that are after the invention and avenge his friend's death.

5.3/10 12
6 Sport Slants (1931 short)

Ted Husing presents cricket, sailing and polo.

4.7/10 11
7 The Social Lion (1930)

Marco Perkins is a garage mechanic and a would-be-prizefighter who gets a place on the ritzy country...

5.6/10 9
8 In Borrowed Plumes (1926)
9 Voice in the Night (1934)

Tin Dale is the son of the president of a big-city telephone company and quits his job following a dispute with his father over company policy...

10 Polo Match (1929 short)
11 A Polo Phony (1941 short)
12 Myopia vs. Dedham (1899 documentary short)
13 Polo: A Dash for Goal (1899 documentary short)
14 Polo: Hurlingham vs. Ranelagh (1899 documentary short)
15 Polo Match for the Championship at Hurlingham (1903 documentary short)
16 Sports Parade: Glamour in Tennis (1952 documentary short)
17 Columbia World of Sports 8805: Polo (1947 documentary short)

17 titles

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