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1 W. (2008)

A chronicle on the life and presidency of George W. Bush.

6.4/10 37,233
2 Dave (1993)

To avoid a potentially explosive scandal when the U.S. President goes into a coma, an affable temp agency owner with an uncanny resemblance, is put in his place.

6.8/10 36,090
3 Veep (2012 TV series)

Former Senator Selina Meyer finds that being Vice President of the United States is nothing like she hoped and everything that everyone ever warned her about.

7.9/10 13,374
4 Juan de los Muertos (2011)

A group of slackers face an army of zombies. The Cuban government and media claim the living dead are dissidents revolting against the government.

6.5/10 6,205
5 Rude Awakening (1989)

In the 1960s, two hippies go off into the jungle to evade the FBI. When they come back to New York in the 1980s, their fellow hippie friends have become rich yuppies.

4.2/10 1,016
6 The Beach Party at the Threshold of Hell (2006)

Tthe film is based on the concept of "New America" in the year 2097, two decades after a nuclear apocalypse...

4.3/10 398
7 Wanda at Large (2003 TV series)

Wanda Hawkins is a stand up comic who is also working as a correspondent on a political talk show in Wshington, D.C. while at home, Wanda must manage her sister-in-law who is raising two children.

5.7/10 201
8 Ladrones a domicilio (2008)

Whatever you steal, make it a lot.

6.5/10 107
9 Bushisms (2004 video documentary)

A fun-filled collection of some of George W. Bush's more memorable misspeaks. Great commentary by Brian Unger, Jacob Weisberg and Al Franken, plus cartoons by Garry Trudeau and musical appearances by The George W. Bush Singers

6.1/10 54
10 The Nice Show (2007 TV special) 7.1/10 36
11 El Derechazo (2013) 3.9/10 "  
12 Canadian Comedy Awards: Weekend Wrap-Up (2006 TV movie) 6.2/10 22
13 Vote and Die: Liszt for President (2008) 5.3/10 18
14 La momia nacional (1981) 2.9/10 17
15 From Caliban to Taliban: 500 Years of Humanitarian Intervention (2007 video) 7.4/10 13
16 Partiets mand (2014 TV series) 6.2/10 "  
17 Genosse Münchhausen (1962) 7.8/10 6
18 Nový Hyperion aneb Volnost, rovnost, bratrství (1992 documentary) 7.4/10 5
19 Pet the Goat (2004 video short)
20 The District Down Low (2011 TV series)
21 Shake It Like an Etch-A-Sketch (2012 short)
22 ArmComedy (2012 TV series)
23 Pretty Strong Opinions with Grace Parra (2014 video short)

23 titles

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