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1 Non si sevizia un paperino (1972)

A reporter and a promiscuous young woman try to solve a series of child killings in a remote southern Italian town that's rife with superstition and distrust of outsiders.

7.2/10 3,925
2 On Dangerous Ground (1951)

Hard, withdrawn city cop Jim Wilson roughs up one too many suspects and is sent upstate to help investigate...

7.4/10 3,357
3 Autostop rosso sangue (1977)

A bickering couple driving cross-country pick up a murderous hitchhiker whom threatens to kill them unless they take him to a santuary, and in return agrees to split some bank loot he has on him.

7.1/10 1,221
4 The X Files (1993 TV series)
Episode: X-Cops

The investigation of a neighborhood monster isn't too weird for the crew of Cops to follow around Mulder and Scully.

8.4/10 1,148
5 Che sau (2012)

A rookie cop takes on a veteran escape driver in a death defying final showdown on the streets of Hong Kong.

6.0/10 1,102
6 Vendetta dal futuro (1986)

A story about a cyborg who is programmed to kill a scientist who holds the fate of mankind in his hands.

5.4/10 864
7 Giornata nera per l'ariete (1971)

An alcoholic journalist finds himself on the trail of a murderer after the police make him a suspect in their investigation.

6.6/10 683
8 La morte cammina con i tacchi alti (1971)

A famed jewel thief named Rochard is slashed to death on a train. His daughter Nicole, a famous nightclub performer in Paris...

6.5/10 467
9 Mauvaise graine (1934)

A young man-about-Paris, cut off from his father's money, falls in with a picaresque gang of car thieves.

6.3/10 356
10 No Ordinary Family (2010 TV series)
Episode: No Ordinary Visitors

Stephanie's fault-finding parents pull a surprise visit right as Jim begins to seek three violent home invaders who've attacked the family of one of Daphne's classmates.

7.6/10 134
11 Impatto mortale (1984) 4.5/10 104
12 The Universe (2007 TV series documentary)
Episode: Mysteries of the Moon
6.8/10 46
13 Rad Mobile (1991 video game)

13 titles

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