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1 Stolen Moments (1920 short)

A novelist blackmails his now married ex-girlfriend into having an affair with him.

5.3/10 139
2 Where Is Jane Doe? (1956 short)

In this Screenliner short, New York City police detectives investigate the case of a missing girl, whose clothes are found on a bridge. Was it a suicide, was she murdered, or is this a hoax?

5.5/10 77
3 Bad Bosses Go to Hell (1997 short)

Five intertwined interviews for an administrative assistant position go very badly for both sides.

6.2/10 72
4 Code of Silence: Inside the Rampart Scandal (2004 video documentary short) 7.4/10 30
5 Drive (1998 short)

A son tries to transport a stolen kidney for his ill father across the country.

6.6/10 18
6 Hush (2006 short)

Some time after miscarrying, the psychologically traumatized Fay Malony finds herself accused of kidnapping...

4.1/10 8
7 Buried Secrets (2007 short) 5.0/10 6
8 R.C.M.P. File 1365: The Connor Case (1947 documentary short)

A recreation of how the RCMP investigated a real-life murder case in Saskatchewan, Canada. Included are documentary sequences showing the mounties at work in their crime labs.

8 titles

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