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1 The Greatest Show on Earth (1952)

The dramatic lives of trapeze artists, a clown, and an elephant trainer against a background of circus spectacle.

6.7/10 7,328
2 Building a Building (1933 short)

Mickey Mouse operates a steam shovel; Pegleg Pete is his foreman; Minnie Mouse sells box lunches. Mickey must save the day when Pete makes advances to Minnie.

7.1/10 338
3 Mickey's Delayed Date (1947 short)

Mickey oversleeps; Minnie calls from the dance he should be at. He dresses quickly and makes a mad dash for the dance hall...

6.7/10 201
4 Mickey Steps Out (1931 short)

Mickey heads over to see Minnie, but Pluto won't leave him alone. He gets there and watches through the window...

6.5/10 177
5 Blue Rhythm (1931 short)

Mickey plays a bluesy tune on a piano on a stage. Minnie sings. Then an unseen band plays while both sing and dance...

6.3/10 165
6 Puppy Love (1933 short)

Mickey's in trouble when Pluto and Fifi eat Minnie's chocolates.

6.2/10 143
7 In Dutch (1946 short)

In Holland, Pluto acts as a milkman (dog?) leaving canisters of milk on the town's doorsteps. While going about his job...

6.4/10 120
8 Wonder Dog (1950 short)

Pluto is infatuated by a pretty lady dog, but she sighs for Prince, a circus wonder dog she sees on a poster.

6.8/10 118
9 Canine Casanova (1945 short)

Pluto spots Dinah the dachshund and is smitten, but she ignores him. He uses a giant bone to steal a kiss...

6.4/10 113
10 The Delivery Boy (1931 short)

Delivery boy Mickey encounters Minnie washing clothes and singing. He stops for a quick song and dance with her...

6.5/10 112
11 Pluto's Heart Throb (1950 short) 6.6/10 101

11 titles

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