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1 The 40 Year Old Virgin (2005)

Goaded by his buddies, a nerdy guy who's never "done the deed" only finds the pressure mounting when he meets a single mother.

7.2/10 243,503
2 Office Space (1999)

Comedic tale of company workers who hate their jobs and decide to rebel against their greedy boss.

7.9/10 168,363
3 Clerks. (1994)

A day in the lives of two convenience clerks named Dante and Randal as they annoy customers, discuss movies, and play hockey on the store roof.

"   156,753
4 Kabluey (2007)

Inept Salman comes to help his sister-in-law tend to his holy terror nephews while Salman's brother is off fighting in Iraq...

6.7/10 3,844
5 Bancs publics (Versailles rive droite) (2009)

With over 86 speaking parts, Bruno Podalydès has assembled an all-star, ensemble cast including Catherine Deneuve...

5.8/10 461
6 Elle est des nôtres (2003)

Echoes of Dostoyevsky. At the start, Christine Blanc is a temp, her boyfriend has gone. Near the story's end...

6.2/10 191
7 Los Enchiladas! (1999)

About a half dozen slacker dudes dwell at their jobs at Los Enchiladas, the local Mexican sit-down joint...

7.0/10 182
8 Mary Jane's Not a Virgin Anymore (1998) 6.1/10 106
9 Cinema Six (2012)

Hilarity ensues as a trio of friends who "work" at the Stanton Family Cinema must finally face the music of real life: keep their sweet slacker theater jobs or grow up?

7.5/10 48
10 10 pelis (2011)

At video store Akaba you can find Forti, the guy who likes movies, Doc, the guy who knows everything about movies...

7.0/10 24

10 titles

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