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1 When Harry Met Sally... (1989)

Harry and Sally have known each other for years, and are very good friends, but they fear sex would ruin the friendship.

7.6/10 123,573
2 The Big Bang Theory (2007 TV series)
Episode: The Re-Entry Minimization

Howard is offended when his return from space is met with little fanfare. Penny and Amy take on Sheldon and Leonard during game night.

8.4/10 1,223
3 Friends (1994 TV series)
Episode: The One with All the Poker

The friends play poker together.

8.9/10 1,093
4 Community (2009 TV series)
Episode: Basic Genealogy

It's Family Day at Greendale. Pierce's tries to build a relationship with his stepdaughter, but she has eyes for Jeff instead. Britta gets in trouble with Troy's Nana, and Shirley's kids cause problems for Abed's father.

8.1/10 771
5 The IT Crowd (2006 TV series)
Episode: The Dinner Party

Jen has met someone normal, and plans for a nice dinner party go astray unless Jen invites her workmates at said dinner party.

8.6/10 615
6 Modern Family (2009 TV series)
Episode: Games People Play

The Dunphys take an RV trip together, Mitchell and Cam become over-competitive at Lily's gymnastics meet, and Jay and Gloria are upset that they weren't invited to a party.

7.7/10 343
7 American Dad! (2005 TV series)
Episode: Less Money, Mo' Problems

Stan and Francine try to live a month on a minimum wage salary to prove a point to Haley and Jeff, while Roger and Steve try to get their hands on a Ferrari to get back at Klaus.

7.6/10 129
8 Being Erica (2009 TV series)
Episode: Being Ethan

Despite still feeling the emotional pain of the situation, Erica is trying to move on with her life after Adam breaking up with her...

7.5/10 23
9 The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon (2014 TV series)
Episode: Kristen Bell/Steve Harvey/Demi Lovato
9.4/10 11
10 Late Night with Jimmy Fallon (2009 TV series)
Episode: Episode #3.29
11 Late Night with Jimmy Fallon (2009 TV series)
Episode: Episode #3.76

11 titles

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