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1 Mr. Lucky (1959 TV series)
Episode: Hijacked

An armed robbery of the Fortuna II curiously includes the taking of personal checks which were used to pay off gambling losses. This oddity leads Mr. Lucky and Andamo to the true reason for the crime - and very nearly to Davy Jones' Locker.

8.4/10 10
2 Mission: Impossible (1966 TV series)
Episode: Lover's Knot

The IMF's task is to find out who is running a U.K. spy ring. The team's lead is Lady Cora Weston, who seduces men in sensitive intelligence positions...

6.9/10 32
3 Seinfeld (1989 TV series)
Episode: The Good Samaritan

Jerry trails a hit-and-run driver but is attracted to her and begins dating her; he later learns her victim was a longtime quarry and dates the latter as well. Kramer begins having seizures whenever he hears Mary Hart's voice.

8.1/10 583
4 Seinfeld (1989 TV series)
Episode: The Little Jerry

Kramer gets a pet rooster that he names after Jerry. Jerry bounces a check at the local liquor store but has difficulty paying it off...

8.7/10 520
5 Blood Work (2002)

Still recovering from a heart transplant, a retired FBI profiler returns to service when his own blood analysis offers clues to the identity of a serial killer.

6.4/10 29,446
6 Law & Order: Criminal Intent (2001 TV series)
Episode: Baggage

The death by vicious beating of an airline supervisor seems to point toward the men she's complained to management for harassment.

8.6/10 89
7 George Lopez (2002 TV series)
Episode: George Has Two Mommies

Max and Ricky set off a bottle rocket and accidentally burn down the garage, which had $17,000 of Angie's beauty supplies in it. George can't get a loan so Benny calls up Manny's new wife for help.

7.8/10 12
8 George Lopez (2002 TV series)
Episode: Long Time No See

When George's father Manny sends him a check for $20,000 to pay off his debt, George and the family take a trip out to Phoenix to meet his father for the first time in 36 years.

7.7/10 17
9 Law & Order: Criminal Intent (2001 TV series)
Episode: The Gift

A reporter is murdered, and the suspects include his father's mistress and a couple who practice Santeria.

8.2/10 77
10 Down to the Bone (2004)

A woman stuck in a stale marriage struggles to raise her children and manage her secret drug habit. But when winter comes to her small town, her balancing act begins to come crashing down.

6.7/10 1,508
11 Pucked (2006) 4.2/10 941
12 Two and a Half Men (2003 TV series)
Episode: Smooth as a Ken Doll
8.1/10 333
13 Breaking Bad (2008 TV series)
Episode: Crazy Handful of Nothin'
9.3/10 5,122
14 House M.D. (2004 TV series)
Episode: Remorse
8.9/10 851
15 Pawn Stars (2009 TV series)
Episode: Wise Guys
7.0/10 13
16 House M.D. (2004 TV series)
Episode: Charity Case
8.5/10 811
17 Dexter (2006 TV series)
Episode: Chemistry
8.6/10 1,660
18 Rizzoli & Isles (2010 TV series)
Episode: Love the Way You Lie
8.2/10 99
19 Dexter (2006 TV series)
Episode: A Little Reflection
7.8/10 1,557

19 titles

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