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1 An American in Paris (1951)

Three friends struggle to find work in Paris. However, things become more complicated when two of them fall in love with the same woman.

7.3/10 16,976
2 For Scent-imental Reasons (1949 short)

Pepe Le Peu chases a female cat in a perfume shop until she turns the tables on him.

7.1/10 637
3 Trois places pour le 26 (1988) 6.4/10 210
4 La crème de la crème (2014) 6.5/10 126
5 She Loves Me (1978 TV movie)

A BBC production of the 1963 Broadway musical based on "The Shop Around the Corner."

8.5/10 68
6 Pokémon (1998 TV series)
Episode: Pokémon Scent-sation!

Ash challenges Erika, the Celadon City gym leader.

7.7/10 "  
7 44500 Max (2009 documentary)

A documentary on Max Perttula, a sincere country boy, who wants to produce his own luxury perfumes and take the world by storm, starting from his home village.

7.0/10 27
8 Urusei yatsura (1981 TV series)
Episode: The Fox's Unrequited Love

After Shinobu saves him from a pack of dogs, a little fox becomes smitten with her and attempts to return the favor.

8 titles

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