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1 The Declaration of Independence (1938 short)

This historical featurette focuses on Caesar Rodney of Delaware, who cast the deciding vote so that...

6.0/10 115
2 Dear America: The Winter of Red Snow (1999 TV short)

The story of a teenage girl and her family who live in Valley Forge, Pennsylvania, during the American Revolution.

6.7/10 50
3 Blob Town (2010 documentary short)

Documentary about the movie The Blob (1958) and it's connection with Phoenixville, Pennsylvania.

8.2/10 "  
4 Stopping the Show (1932 short)

After watching a Paramount Noose Reel and a cartoon with Bimbo and Koko the Clown, the audience is thrilled when Betty Boop appears on stage to sing and imitate Fanny Brice and Maurice Chevalier.

6.2/10 48
5 Dear America: Standing in the Light (1999 TV short)

A teenage Quaker farm girl is abducted by Indians in 1750s Pennsylvania.

6.5/10 38
6 Night Rituals (2009 short)

Anna Horowitz fails Latin, loses her virginity, and faces expulsion in a film by Andrew Gitomer.

7.6/10 9
7 The Baron and the Rose (1940 short)

The story of Henry Stiegel, a blacksmith in Elizabeth Furnace, Pennsylvania, who, in colonial days became a famous glass-maker...

6.0/10 5
8 The Quest for Freedom (1992 TV short)

She was 29 years old, and a slave. She'd never been to school and could not read or write. She had been beaten...

7.8/10 "  
9 Newspaper (2005 short)

A young boy wants nothing more than for his selfish father to see him. In the morning hour he wakes with a plan.

10 Artist's Antics (1946 documentary short)

This entry in Universal's "Person-Oddity" series (Universal production number 1371) pays a visit to the studio...

11 Stranger Than Fiction 6373: The Candy Kid (1941 short)
12 Trotting Thoroughbreds (1937 short)
13 Peter Arthur Stories (2009 short)
14 Lassie's Mother (2008 short)
15 Agent Emes 3: The Case of the Missing Pushka (2004 video short)
16 Ladies of the Land (2007 documentary short)
17 Cinemall (2011 documentary short)

17 titles

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