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1 Mustafa (2008 documentary)

The biography of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, who not only grew himself up from a poor lonely child to a country's most loved person...

6.8/10 1,633
2 Islam: Empire of Faith (2000 documentary) 7.7/10 545
3 Blood and Oil: The Middle East in World War I (2006 video documentary)

Marty Callaghan's Synopsis: Except for the Dardanelles/Gallipoli campaigns, the extensive combat operations...

7.5/10 89
4 The Armenian Genocide (1991 documentary short)

Produced in a joint project by J. Michael Hagopian's production company the Armenian Film Foudation...

3.8/10 77
5 Armenian Revolt (2006 video documentary)

A balanced view of the struggle between the Ottoman Empire and the Armenians in the Eastern Anatolia...

6.0/10 68
6 An Armenian Journey (1988 documentary)

Armenian-American film maker & journalist Theodore Bogosian takes on the controversial subject as to...

3.8/10 20
7 Promises & Betrayals: Britain and the Struggle for the Holy Land (2002 TV documentary) 7.1/10 16
8 Mémoires arméniennes (1993 documentary)

This is director Jacques Kébadian's film of the Armenian genocide in the early twentieth century. The title is intended to invoke that the genocide will never be forgotten by Armenians, even as the Turks deny that it ever took place.

4.0/10 10
9 Ayasofya (1991 documentary short)

The Ayasofia (Hagia Sophia) of today, accepted as one of the greatest monuments of the history of architecture...

10 Topkapi Palace (1991 documentary)
11 Until Eternity (1988 documentary)
12 Chora (1985 documentary short)
13 Forty Thousand Steps in the Covered Bazaar (1980 documentary short)

13 titles

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