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1 Punisher: First Round (2005 short)

The Punisher kills his way up the ladder of organized crime in NYC. He is relentless in his hunt for...

5.6/10 167
2 The Damned Don't Cry: The Crawford Formula - Real and Reel (2005 video documentary short)

The Joan Crawford crime thriller, The Damned Don't Cry (1950), is the topic of discussion for various interviewees.

2.6/10 72
3 Jack Pot (1940 short)

An entry in MGM's Crime Does Not Pay series, which deals with illegal gambling and illegal bookmaking.

6.3/10 56
4 Sally and Angela (2001 short)

Sally and Angela the story of one ill-fated pair of professional killers. If the siblings weren't cursed by their own ineptitude...

5.8/10 40
5 En la otra camilla (2008 short)

The quiet day-to-day existence of two kidnappers, Alfonso and Marta, comes to an abrupt end when the elderly businessman they are holding in captivity tries to commit suicide.

6.6/10 29
6 Le sixième homme (2006 short)

In the early 80's, a group of gangsters prepares a robbery in a warehouse, but the arrival of a newcomer throws disorder in the team.

"   24
7 AppleBox (2011 short)

James Bronson is a Hollywood Mega Star. He's at the top of his game -- and the top of his box. A full apple box...

8.4/10 17
8 Paula Peril: Midnight Whistle (2011 short)

When reporter Paula "Peril" Perillo and photographer Jimmy Smith uncover evidence on a corrupt railroad official...

8.0/10 15
9 Tough Love (2007 short)

Alone in the desert, two men must confront their demons in a dramatic confrontation over the consequences of addiction.

7.5/10 10
10 Hood (2011 short)

In a London where the economy is dwindling and the young take on the burden of the older generations mistakes...

7.4/10 8
11 Sally Sargent (1968 TV short) 4.6/10 7
12 New York Vengeance (2013 short) 6.8/10 6
13 Mafiettes (2009 short) 8.6/10 5
14 Pieces (1998 short)
15 Foreign Currency (2006 short)
16 Chloe MacColl (2010 short)
17 Kill Shot: Lou (2011 video short)
18 Shoot the Saxophone Player (2014 short)
19 Bad Company (2014 short)

19 titles

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