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1 Lewis & Clark: Great Journey West (2002 short) 7.1/10 201
2 Wandering Here and There (1944 documentary short)

This Traveltalk series entry visits various places around the United States. At the first stop, we admire the natural beauty of Crater Lake in Oregon...

6.5/10 21
3 Scenic Oregon (1943 documentary short)

This travelogue begins along the mighty Columbia River, which snakes it way through much of the state...

6.3/10 18
4 Fisherman's Pluck (1939 short)

Narrator Ted Husing follows famed author Zane Grey on a fishing trip far up the Oregon River in quest of the steel-head trout...

5.7/10 13
5 Emptys (2012 documentary short)

Emptys is a sad but uplifting reality documentary of everyday people. It inspires to watch the determination, wit and charisma of people with so little doing so much.

4.9/10 7
6 Tragic (1998 documentary short) 6.4/10 5
7 Beatings (2003 short)

Explores the fine line between living and dying. A young man's ordinary life is thrown into crisis when he collapses one night. Later he finds out that his heart and health are in danger.

4.8/10 "  
8 The Oregon Camera Hunt (1937 documentary short)

A trip through Oregon's Cascade Mountains, which includes a look at the local wildlife and a trip by muletrain up Mt. Ain.

9 Paramount Paragraphics: Oregon Steelhead (1937 short)

Zane Grey gives lessons in fishing in Oregon. The first lesson is to survey the selected spot of a high vantage point...

10 Destination Ashland, Oregon (2010 video documentary short)

Takes you on a tour through one of the most unique small towns in the United States. Learn about Ashland's history and witness people living and experiencing life in this incredibly unique city.

11 The Future (2008 short)
12 Daze of the Dead (2012 short)
13 Lady .38 (2013 short)
14 Never Gonna Break (2013 short)

14 titles

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