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1 Carlos (2010 TV mini-series)

The story of Venezuelan revolutionary Ilich Ramírez Sánchez, who founded a worldwide terrorist organization and raided the 1975 OPEC meeting.

7.7/10 8,088
2 Sweeney! (1977)

Cinematic spin-off from the popular TV series. Hard-bitten Flying Squad officer Jack Regan gets embroiled...

6.8/10 487
3 Etat (2000 short)

Government, organized religion, and traditional beliefs clash in this story of Nigeria's political climate in mid 1970.

8.3/10 30
4 70's Fever (2008 TV documentary)

If the 1960s represented peace, love, and the "We Generation", then the 1970s came to represent the...

7.7/10 13
5 Among Thieves (2009)

Three friends, Victor, Amy and David, reunite after 10 years and uncover one of the key, hidden reasons for the war in Iraq.

6.6/10 8
6 Windfall (1980 video game)

This real-time the player on the other side of the mid-1970's Oil Crisis. As the Chief Executive of Engulf Oil...

6 titles

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