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1 King Lear (1987)

Everything returns to normal after Chernobyl. That is, everything but art. Most of the great works are lost...

5.8/10 771
2 Doctor Who (1963 TV series)
Episode: The Mind Robber: Episode 1

The TARDIS arrives in a white void, when the TARDIS makes a emergency take-off to escape the volcanic eruption on Dulkis...

7.8/10 187
3 Through the Wormhole (2010 TV series documentary)
Episode: What Is Nothing?

Can there be such a thing as nothing? Scientists are looking for answers in the mind-bending science of Quantum Mechanics...

7.5/10 37
4 Naughts (1994 short) 6.0/10 21
5 No pasó nada (2006 short)
6 Prvi sastanak (2012 short)
7 Life Is Nothing: This Is My Life (2007 short)
8 Movie of Nothing (2013 short)

The intense tale of nothing and the struggles of no one. No budget, no actors, no ratings. A zero debt production.

9 Amo morire (2006 short)

9 titles

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