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1 Tomorrow's Memoir (2004 short)

Jaded by a world which has deceived him, an older gentleman withdraws from society into a somber and lonely existence...

7.4/10 289
2 Skelett i garderoben (2008 short)

A woman wakes up on the floor of a filthy, run-down flat with no idea who she is or why she is there. In the next room, she meets a man who has exactly the same trouble.

6.5/10 27
3 This Is a Recorded Message (1973 short)

An animated film created entirely from advertisements clipped from magazines.

6.7/10 24
4 Braverman's Condensed Cream of the Beatles (1974 documentary short)

Photos, animation, and music illustrate the story of the Beatles.

7.2/10 12
5 Paula Peril: The Invisible Evil (2010 short)

The brutal murder of two mobsters leads intrepid reporter Paula "Peril" Perillo and photographer Jimmy Smith to investigate a mysterious downtown building.

6.0/10 6

5 titles

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