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1 A Dirty Shame (2004)

An uptight, middle-aged, repressed woman turns into a sex addict after getting hit on the head, and she then falls into an underground subculture of sex addicts in suburban Baltimore.

5.1/10 9,735
2 Family Guy (1999 TV series)
Episode: Screwed the Pooch

Peter finally connects with his father-in-law, while Brian can't control his libido.

7.6/10 559
3 (A)sexual (2011 documentary)

Facing a sex obsessed culture, a mountain of stereotypes and misconceptions, and a lack of social or scientific research, asexuals - people who experience no sexual attraction - struggle to claim their identity.

6.0/10 356
4 Metalocalypse (2006 TV series)
Episode: Fat Kid at the Detharmonic

Dethklok struggles with parenthood after they adopt an overweight, mentally deficient boy. Also, having made too much money during the year, the band performs with the London Philharmonic Orchestra at a charity concert as a tax write off.

7.8/10 89
5 Penn & Teller: Bullshit! (2003 TV series documentary)
Episode: Pet Love

Penn and Teller look at the lengths that people will go to for their pets.

6.8/10 66
6 Metalocalypse (2006 TV series)
Episode: DethHealth

After a near-death experience during one of Dethklok's typically life-threatening concert venues, the...

7.8/10 47
7 Cat City (2009 documentary)

Over 400,000 animals are killed in shelters across Canada every year. Over two-thirds are cats. Cat City goes to the frontlines of this crisis with the grassroots activists who are fighting to save these animals.

7 titles

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