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1 Moonlight Mile (2002)

As he copes with the death of his fiancee along with her parents, a young man must figure out what he wants out of life.

6.7/10 10,938
2 Tattoo, a Love Story (2002)

Sara, a straight arrow schoolteacher, meets Virgil, an easygoing tattoo artist, and finds herself choosing between her comfortable life and a life of freedom and adventure.

6.9/10 394
3 NCIS: Naval Criminal Investigative Service (2003 TV series)
Episode: Identity Crisis

While demonstrating an autopsy, Ducky announces murder; Gibbs and company investigate. The victim worked for the FBI, which tried to catch a person who erased old identities and created new ones. The NCIS and the FBI catch the bad guys.

8.0/10 224
4 Dharma & Greg (1997 TV series)
Episode: Old Yeller

Because Greg's compulsive neatness clashes with Dharma's free spirit car care, they decide to buy her...

7.9/10 47
5 Beverly Hills, 90210 (1990 TV series)
Episode: All That Glitters

Brandon lets his thoughts run wild after Peter Ray, a prize-winning journalist, wants to collaborate with him for a potential sports story...

6.5/10 28
6 Aladdin (1994 TV series)
Episode: Getting the Bugs Out

Jasmine buys a broken insect toy, which turns out a dangerous flying attack weapon when daddy the sultan...

7.0/10 17
7 Party of Five (1994 TV series)
Episode: Mixed Signals

Bailey finds himself playing rescuer for Callie who has gotten herself in a mess with a boyfriend wanting her...

6.2/10 6
8 Lubrique (2008 short)

Bene is a young teenage girl obsessed with order and neatness, believing these must permeate all aspects of life...

9 Yogi's Gang (1973 TV series)
Episode: Lotta Litter

Lotta Litter tricks Yogi and the gang into spreading trash all over Jellystone Park.

10 Samson en Gert (1990 TV series)
Episode: De schuimvloed

Gert and Alberto, who thus lost his only customer, are mad at the mayor because the municipal road works...

10 titles

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