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1 The Travelogues (2008 documentary short)

The Travelogues are explorations into monotonous non-events that compose the human condition. Exchanges occur through language...

5.3/10 9
2 Broken Bow (2009 video)

In 1868, two railroads raced to lay track across The Great Plains of America. Their vision was to tame...

3 Valley of One (2004 video short)

A commentary on the dysfunctional American suburban relationship that can end in violence.

4 Everybody's Stupid: Community Service (2009 video short)
5 Melon Soda (2008 short)

Poisoned by the city's pressure to develop a professional identity, Brian Barton; 24, sets out to find a job, find an identity, and find out that all he really needs is a friend.

6 Gorilla My Heart (2009 short)

A sensitive romantic fantasy with a pitch black heart.

6 titles

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