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1 Alec in WILDerland (2012 TV series) 8.5/10 19
2 Muldvarpen (2000 TV series) 6.0/10 7
3 Raw Nature (2007 TV series) 6.4/10 5
4 Enchantments (2008 TV series)

A TV travelogue show about the beautiful and enchanting people, places and events of New Mexico.

5 Down and Dirty Science (2010 video short)
6 Urban Nature Man (2012 TV series)

Follow Matt Jaeger through his adventures and misadventures as he finds a balance between city and nature...

7 Monsen på villspor (2014 TV series)

Lars Monsen is left blindfolded at remote locations of the Scandinavian wilderness, with a backpack and a partial map leading him towards a goal area...

7 titles

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