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1 Perri (1957)

This True Life Fantasy follows and shows how the life of a female squirrel, Perri, in the forest is filled with danger and fraught with peril...

7.4/10 148
2 The Travelogues (2008 documentary short)

The Travelogues are explorations into monotonous non-events that compose the human condition. Exchanges occur through language...

5.3/10 9
3 Domus (2008 video documentary short)

Domus leads you into the intriguing world of the never before filmed private residence of world renowned designer...

4 Another Rose (2008 video short)

This music video for the original song, 'Another Rose,' uses bright images in order to build on the song's themes of happiness and beauty as in constant flux.

5 Broken Bow (2009 video)

In 1868, two railroads raced to lay track across The Great Plains of America. Their vision was to tame...

6 Melon Soda (2008 short)

Poisoned by the city's pressure to develop a professional identity, Brian Barton; 24, sets out to find a job, find an identity, and find out that all he really needs is a friend.

7 The Gift (2010 short)

An aspiring actor's best friend is a plant.

8 A Joke (2010 short)

A young man creates a perplexing mystery in the mind of a young woman by confessing his love for her while they are barreling down a treacherous sledding hill.

9 Plant Love (2007 video short)

An unconventional gardener becomes obsessed with the husband of the couple she used to garden for.

9 titles

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