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1 The Most Dangerous Game (1932)

An insane hunter arranges for a ship to be wrecked on an island where he can indulge in some sort of hunting and killing of the passengers.

7.3/10 5,663
2 Dorothy Mills (2008)

A psychiatrist is assigned to work on the case of a disturbed young girl.

6.1/10 3,550
3 Bloodlust! (1961)

A crazed hunter kidnaps people and turns them loose on his private estate, where he hunts them for sport.

2.9/10 1,596
4 Scared Stiff (1953)

Fleeing a murder charge, a singer and a busboy (Martin & Lewis) wind up on a spooky Carribean island inherited by heiress (Scott).

6.5/10 890
5 L'isola degli uomini pesce (1979)

Aquatic creatures threaten the existence of a mysterious island.

4.8/10 706
6 Fog Island (1945)

A man invites a group of people to a holiday in his island home, intending to exact revenge on them.

5.1/10 340
7 Danger Island (1992 TV movie)

Mixed assortment of people survive the crash of an airliner at sea; cast upon a shore of mysterious island they discover dangerous creatures...

4.7/10 308
8 Horror Island (1941)

A down-on-his luck businessman organizes an excursion to Sir Henry Morgan's Island for a treasure hunt only to encounter a mysterious phantom and murder.

6.1/10 265
9 Phairii phinaat paa mawrana (2006)

A young police officer, a local guide and his daughter follows the trail of a prison escapee, Nasor...

5.3/10 144

9 titles

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