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1 Tommy (1975)

A psychosomatically deaf, dumb and blind boy becomes a master pinball player and the object of a religious cult because of that.

6.6/10 13,111
2 A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum (1966)

A wily slave must unite a virgin courtesan and his young smitten master to earn his freedom.

7.0/10 5,980
3 The Cocoanuts (1929)

During the Florida land boom, the Marx brothers run a hotel, auction off some land, thwart a jewel robbery, and generally act like themselves.

7.3/10 4,628
4 Koyla (1997)

Mute Shankar slogs day and night to satisfy the lust of wealthy businessman Raja Saab who has underworld contact...

6.2/10 4,122
5 The Big Store (1941)

A detective is hired to protect the life of a singer, who has recently inherited a department store, from the store's crooked manager.

6.6/10 3,267
6 Love Happy (1949)

The Marx Brothers help young Broadway hopefuls while thwarting diamond thieves.

5.8/10 1,654
7 Karz (1980)

Ravi is killed by his wife after his marriage. He is reborn as Monty and is now a singer he goes to holiday in Ooty where he recollects his memories from previous life and inquires about his family from first life and his evil wife Kamini.

7.6/10 977
8 Jis Desh Mein Ganga Rehta Hain (2000)

A young man, raised by a foster couple in a rural village since birth, is brought to Hyderabad by his...

4.8/10 604
9 The Trumpet of the Swan (2001)

It's a high-flying adventure when Louie, a mute trumpeter swan, is given the gift of a trumpet, andfinds his voice!

5.1/10 601
10 Rumpelstiltskin (1987)

A musical version of the classic story about a miller's daughter who recieves help from a mischievous dwarf...

5.2/10 345
11 881 (2007) 6.6/10 279
12 Reshma Aur Shera (1972) 6.8/10 107

12 titles

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