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1 Since You Went Away (1944)

While husband Tim is away during World War II, Anne Hilton copes with problems on the homefront. Taking in a lodger...

7.7/10 2,963
2 Family Guy (1999 TV series)
Episode: Not All Dogs Go to Heaven

Meg finds religion while in bed with the Mumps, and reveals to the community that Brian is an Atheist. Meanwhile, Stewie builds a transporter to bring the cast of "Star Trek: The Next Generation" to Quahog.

8.1/10 735
3 ¿Por qué lo llaman amor cuando quieren decir sexo? (1993)

Gloria is a porn artist that performs live-sex. When his mate gets sick he brings her a young substitute...

6.0/10 313
4 Varsity Show (1937)

Winfield College students who are trying to put together the annual varsity show come into conflict with their faculty adviser...

6.3/10 182
5 M*A*S*H (1972 TV series)
Episode: Heal Thyself

When Potter and Charles are quarantined with mumps and get on each others' nerves, a replacement surgeon from Tokyo is brought in.

7.8/10 101
6 The Brady Bunch (1969 TV series)
Episode: Never Too Young

As Greg and Peter head off on their respective dates, Bobby dismisses the idea that kissing a girl is something he will ever want to do...

7.3/10 29
7 A Swell Affair (1926 short)

Arthur and Cuthbert are rival for fickle Thelma, who fills her cheeks with candy when Cuthbert calls and tells him...

8 Bonne nuit les petits (1962 TV series short)
Episode: Rémi, Toto et Fanfan ont les oreillons
9 Bonne nuit les petits (1962 TV series short)
Episode: La convalescence des oursons
10 Bonne nuit les petits (1962 TV series short)
Episode: Petit Louis a les oreillons
11 Bonne nuit les petits (1962 TV series short)
Episode: Améthyste et la balançoire

11 titles

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