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1 Ready to Rumble (2000)

Two slacker wrestling fans are devastated by the ousting of their favorite character by an unscrupulous promoter.

5.3/10 10,773
2 The Pride of the Yankees (1942)

The story of the life and career of the famed baseball player, Lou Gehrig.

7.8/10 6,699
3 On Any Sunday (1971 documentary)

Documentary on motorcycle racing featuring stars of the sport, including film star Steve McQueen, a racer in his own right.

7.7/10 814
4 The Roaring Road (1919)

A young man pursues a young lady with the same energy he applies to his other obsession in life, auto racing.

7.1/10 475
5 The Galloping Ghost (1931)

A gambling ring run out of the Mogul Taxi company is intent on fixing college football games. Football...

5.8/10 111
6 Road Rash II (1992 video game)

Sequel to the outlaw motorcycle racing game with new courses, faster bikes and a split-screen 2-player mode.

7.7/10 44
7 Gas House Kids Go West (1947)

The Gas House Kids take a job delivering an automobile to California, unaware that it is a stolen car...

6.0/10 14
8 Speed to Burn (1938)

Tim Turner raises a horse for a trainer and sees it sold to the police. He later finds that crooks have conspired to keep it from racing.

6.9/10 10
9 The Speed Classic (1928)

Jerry Thornton is a wealthy playboy whose hobby is fast cars. When his fiancée, Aheila Van Hauten, objects...

9 titles

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