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1 Validation (2007 short)

A fable about a parking attendant who gives his customers REAL validation -- dispensing both free parking and free compliments.

8.3/10 2,817
2 Private Lessons (1934 short)

Hal LeRoy is hired as a tap teacher at Dawn O'Day's dancing school to give private lessons to female students...

7.0/10 61
3 Lasileuka (2004 short)

As long as 15-year old Marianne knows how to punch there is nothing to worry about.

"   26
4 Sandra Gets Dumped (2005 short)

This is a comedy about being dumped. Sandra's boyfriend's gone up north for a job so she's putting together...

7.6/10 23
5 Two Juliets (2010 short)

About a forbidden romance between two women of opposing gangs.

5.9/10 12
6 Antio (2001 short)

Six goodbyes and a welcome. The very ending of dramatic, melodramatic and funny scenes of everyday life.

6.2/10 6
7 Catalina Interlude (1948 short)

Virginia Maxey runs away from her actress mother to find a career for herself. The mother hires a private detective to find her...

8 The Newlyweds Take a Chance (1951 short)

When her newlywed husband, Bob, mistakenly follows the diet prescribed for their dog and starts eating grass...

9 Mother's Holiday (1932 short)
10 Benjamin Splits (2004 short)

On the heels of their impulsive engagement, a young couple finds the news of their pending nuptials does not go over as intended with the groom's parents.

11 Sonnenstich (2004 short)
12 Patti's Place (2011 short)
13 Another Day (2011 short)

13 titles

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