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1 Return to Glennascaul (1953 short)

Orson Welles, taking a break from the filming of "Othello", is driving in the Irish countryside one...

6.9/10 272
2 Black Oasis (2005 short)

A riveting, authentic drama about the conflicts that teens face today, and how, in the volatile mix of broken relationships, they can deceive us into making tragic decisions.

7.1/10 70
3 An Evening with My Comatose Mother (2011 short)

When Dorothy is invited over to the Poe's on Halloween night, no one ever told her about their decomposing, comatose mother living in the upstairs bedroom. She'll wish somebody had when the storm hits, and Mother wakes up.

7.0/10 69
4 Red Velvet Girls (2005 short) "   42
5 Luz (2010 short)

Luz would do anything to change her life.

4.2/10 12
6 Isiä ja hirviöitä (2005 video short)

Satu is afraid of a monster, that lives in her closet. Mothers new boyfriend Petri, who has just moved to Satu's home does not help the situation. One night a surprising visitor comes to the house...

7 Leftovers (2009 short)

Alex and Anna are college sweethearts; Alex is going to meet Anna's family over the Christmas holiday for the first time...

8 A Mother's Hand Might (2007 short)

In a dark, fairytale world; a mother has impending dreams about a demon that lurks in the forest outside...

9 Bella Maddo (2010 short)

A pregnant sociopath compulsively values thinness over caring for her young daughter and unborn child...

10 Last Laugh (2011 video short)

At dinner time, Samantha has a heated argument with her mother. After the argument her mother sends her to her room for the night...

10 titles

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