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1 My Kid Could Paint That (2007 documentary)

A look at the work and surprising success of a four-year-old girl whose paintings have been compared to the likes of Picasso and has raked in hundreds of thousands of dollars.

7.2/10 2,631
2 Jupiter's Wife (1995 documentary)

Michel Negroponte, a documentary filmmaker, meets Maggie one day in Central Park. Maggie claims to be...

7.1/10 207
3 My Mother was a Butterfly (2008 documentary)

A woman who spent three days alone with her mother's dead body as a child, uncovers family secrets of her mothers riches to rags story of unending addictions.

4 Famadihana (Second Burial): Surviving Guilt and Grief (2014 documentary short)

We can doubt on many things except death but we don't know when and how. Sometimes, death puts us in an unexpected journey...

4 titles

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