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1 A Beautiful Mind (2001)

After a brilliant but asocial mathematician accepts secret work in cryptography, his life takes a turn for the nightmarish.

8.2/10 414,809
2 Moneyball (2011)

Oakland A's general manager Billy Beane's successful attempt to assemble a baseball team on a lean budget by employing computer-generated analysis to acquire new players.

7.6/10 234,901
3 October Sky (1999)

The true story of Homer Hickam, a coal miner's son who was inspired by the first Sputnik launch to take up rocketry against his father's wishes.

7.8/10 54,241
4 Au revoir les enfants (1987)

A French boarding school run by priests seems to be a haven from World War II until a new student arrives. He becomes the roommate of top student in his class. Rivals at first, the roommates form a bond and share a secret.

8.1/10 19,860
5 Le château de ma mère (1990)

Every holiday Marcel and his family go to their cottage in the Provence (France). He likes the hills in this region...

7.5/10 3,168
6 Madame Curie (1943)

Despite himself, accomplished physicist and avowed bachelor Pierre Curie falls for brilliant student Marie, and together they embark on the discovery of radium.

7.2/10 1,448
7 Infinity (1996)

Story of the early life of genius and Nobel Prize-winning physicist Richard Feynman.

6.1/10 1,364
8 E=mc² (2005 TV movie)

This docudrama examines the history of scientific discovery that lead up to Albert Einstein's famous...

7.6/10 456
9 Breaking the Code (1996 TV movie)

A biography of the English mathematician Alan Turing, who was one of the inventors of the digital computer...

7.2/10 453
10 N Is a Number: A Portrait of Paul Erdös (1993 documentary) "   136
11 I, Leonardo: A Journey of the Mind (1983 TV movie) 8.0/10 19
12 Non ho tempo (1973) 4.4/10 8
13 Uomini della scienza (1977 TV series)

13 titles

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