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1 Criss Angel Mindfreak (2005 TV series)

Criss Angel shows us a new way of magic. He shows that doing magic, is not only making some good tricks on TV...

6.2/10 2,087
2 Room 401 (2007 TV series) 7.1/10 195
3 Criss Angel Believe (2013 TV series) 5.9/10 95
4 Mesmerized (2004 TV series)

Master Hypnotist Damian Bertrand helps guests and audience members overcome their fears.

8.6/10 37
5 Close Encounters with Keith Barry (2003 TV series)

Irish-born Keith Barry, with his impressive blend of magic tricks and illusions is a rising star in international world of magic and illusion...

6.9/10 9
6 Urban Magic (2006 TV series)
7 Ultimate Illusion: Magic from the Realm (2010 video)

Host Dave McEntyre shows his skill of street and illusion tricks throughout many different venues.

8 Cyril: Simply Magic (2009 TV movie)

Can magic really bring happiness? Can magic break cultural and language barriers? Can magic change the world...

9 The International Magic Awards (1993 TV movie)
10 El Mago Pop (2013 TV movie)

Antonio Diaz is a young and talented magician who uses magic to test the six degrees of separation theory, meeting celebrities and anonymous people along the way.

10 titles

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