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1 Fast, Cheap & Out of Control (1997 documentary)

What do an elderly topiary gardener, a retired lion tamer, a man fascinated by mole rats, and a cutting-edge robotics designer have in common...

7.3/10 2,915
2 Roselyne et les lions (1989)

Thierry (Gérard Sandoz) drops out of school to apprentice as a lion tamer at the zoo when he meets Roselyne (Isabelle Pasco)...

6.0/10 306
3 Fearless Fagan (1952)

A man brings his devoted pet with him when he is drafted into the army. The pet happens to be an adult lion, named Fearless Fagan. Based on a true story.

5.9/10 135
4 Circus Capers (1930 short)

A dog ringmaster woos away the mouse bareback rider from the mouse clown.

5.3/10 42
5 The Wild Wild West (1965 TV series)
Episode: The Night of the Circus of Death

When masterfully forged bills appear in circulation, West and Gorden must catch the forgers to prevent the collapse of the U.S. economy from a flood of nearly perfect counterfeit bills.

7.3/10 "  
6 The Mouse and the Lion (1953 short)

The Lion, the King of the Jungle, is taking his royal snooze when a mouse comes on a safari to his royal hideaway...

5.6/10 10
7 Fridolf i lejonkulan (1933)

In a sham ceremony at the city hall, the dimwitted Fridolf is married to Margit. It doesn't take long...

3.2/10 9
8 Cat College (1940 documentary short)

Famed lion tamer Clyde Beatty shows some college girls how to tame lions.

7.0/10 5

8 titles

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