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1 Harvey Birdman, Attorney at Law (2000 TV series)

Third-rate superhero Harvey Birdman gets a new lease on life when he becomes a lawyer.

8.0/10 6,808
2 BraveStarr (1987 TV series)

An American cowboy and his superpowered sidekick are assigned to protect the planet of New Texas from invading robots.

7.4/10 758
3 Wild and Woody! (1948 short)

The bad guy buzzard has been taking out all the sheriffs. Woody rides into town and signs on as sheriff, and faces off with the buzzard.

7.7/10 104
4 The Fresh Vegetable Mystery (1939 short)

After a series of vegetable disappearances,a potato policeman goes out to catch the kidnappers.

6.7/10 94
5 Niagara Fools (1956 short)

Woody Woodpecker visits Niagara Falls---on the Canadian and American side both, according to some viewers---and...

7.4/10 58
6 The Purple Vigilantes (1938)

David Ross organizes the ranchers into a vigilante group to rid the town of outlaws. The plan succeeds...

7.2/10 41
7 Box Car Bandit (1957 short)

A bandit and his horse (a bigger crook than the bandit) find out that a big shipment of gold bullion is being shipped by train...

6.3/10 35
8 Chief Charlie Horse (1956 short)

Woody Woodpecker is working as a woodcarver, a very apt occupation for a woodpecker, and is carving a wooden when the outlaw...

5.7/10 27
9 Square Shootin' Square (1955 short)

A western bank robber makes a getaway and hides his loot in a tree. Woody Woodpecker pops out of the tree with the bag containing the money...

6.2/10 26
10 Bungled Bungalow (1951 short)

The nearsighted Mr. Magoo turns crime buster and unknowingly puts Hot-House Harry, a most-wanted thief, into the arms of the law, but only after a series of misadventures, including lifting Magoo's house with Magoo inside.

"   21
11 The Super Salesman (1947 short) 5.2/10 16
12 Sleuth But Sure (1956 short) 5.0/10 8
13 Pride of the Yard (1954 short)

13 titles

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