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1 Bubba Ho-Tep (2002)

Elvis and JFK, both alive and in nursing homes, fight for the souls of their fellow residents as they battle an ancient Egyptian Mummy.

7.2/10 34,718
2 The Return of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1994)

A group of teenagers get into a car crash in the Texas woods on prom night, and then wander into an old farmhouse that is home to Leatherface and his insane family of cannibalistic psychopaths.

3.0/10 12,794
3 An American Carol (2008)

An anti-American filmmaker who's out to abolish the July Fourth holiday is visited by three ghosts who try to change his perception of the country.

4.4/10 8,021
4 The House of Yes (1997)

A mentally unbalanced young woman (who thinks she's Jackie Kennedy) flips into a murderous rage when her brother returns home to reveal he's engaged.

6.7/10 5,868
5 Clone High (2002 TV series)

The greatest minds of the world have been cloned and are now attending high school together.

8.3/10 3,950
6 Tre uomini e una gamba (1997)

Three friends cross Italy by car in order to deliver their boss his dog and a wooden leg.

7.4/10 3,515
7 Rupan sansei: Arukatorazu konnekushion (2001 TV movie)

Lupin and his friends face 7 dangerous criminals.

7.3/10 78
8 The Island (1998) 5.4/10 25
9 Death of an Ally (2007 short)

Sixteen-year-old Fidel Castro loves America. He even hopes to reach Hollywood one day and become a star like his hero, Clark Gable. But a competition at a bar over a California girl with one 25-year-old John F. Kennedy changes all that.

7.0/10 6

9 titles

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