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1 The Amazing Dr. Clitterhouse (1938)

Black comedy about a brilliant Park Avenue doctor who becomes a criminal in order to do research into the criminal mind.

7.0/10 1,266
2 Man in the Middle (1964) 6.5/10 297
3 The Kiss Before the Mirror (1933)

When a famous doctor kills his adulterous wife, he is defended by his best friend, an attorney--who suspects that his own wife is having an affair.

7.0/10 173
4 Tragic (1998 documentary short)
5 State Trooper (1956 TV series)
Episode: Madman on the Mountain

When a gangster is arrested for attacking his ex-wife with a wrench, he pleads insanity. Blake works to prove that the thug is competent to stand trail and intended to maim his former spouse.

6 Taboo (2002 TV series documentary)
Episode: Witchcraft

Taboo investigate the practice of witchcraft. It looks at the practices of a Witch in Mexico, a cleansing ceremony in Zimbabwe, and a group of Wiccans in the United Kingdom.

6 titles

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