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1 Umberto D. (1952)

A elderly man and his dog struggle to survive on his government pension in Rome.

8.2/10 13,624
2 The Castle (1997)

A Melbourne family is very happy living where they do, near the Melbourne airport (according to Jane Kennedy...

7.8/10 9,992
3 Salt of the Earth (1954)

Based on an actual strike against the Empire Zinc Mine in New Mexico, the film deals with the prejudice against the Mexican-American workers...

7.5/10 1,774
4 Christmas with a Capital C (2011)

An attorney returns to his small home town in Alaska and quickly rocks the boat by getting an injunction against the nativity display tradition and attacking Christmas.

4.7/10 627
5 Futurama (1999 TV series)
Episode: 31st Century Fox

When Bender joins the local Fox Hunting Club ethical questions about killing things arise.

7.0/10 459
6 High Pressure (1932)

Gar Evans is a "high pressure" promoter who tends to be unrealistically optimistic about his projects and exaggerates the chance of success...

6.7/10 244
7 Double or Nothing (1937)

According to the will of an eccentric millionaire, one of four randomly chosen strangers will become his heir if he/she can double $5000 by honest means.

6.5/10 128
8 Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman (1993 TV series)
Episode: The Man of Steel Bars

During an unnaturally extreme winter heat wave, Superman is accused of being the cause.

7.5/10 104
9 The Badge of Marshal Brennan (1957)

Jim Davis is a man on the run. He comes across the body of a dead man wearing the badge of a marshal...

5.8/10 96
10 My Brother's Keeper (1995 TV movie)

A man and his HIV-positive twin take an insurance company to court over a possibly life-saving bone marrow transplant.

6.2/10 73
11 The Heart of New York (1932) 6.4/10 58
12 Planting Hope (2008 short) "   10
13 Prairie Raiders (1947) "   7
14 The Pallisers (1974 TV series)
Episode: Part Fifteen
7.3/10 6
15 Lucky Legs (1942)
16 Days of Our Lives (1965 TV series)
Episode: Episode #1.11014
17 Working the Engels (2014 TV series)
Episode: The Crazy Family

17 titles

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