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1 Antoine et Colette (1962 short)

This short film is the first segment of five in the multinational feature Love at Twenty (1962), all five segments on the theme of first adult love...

7.7/10 1,451
2 The Night Before Christmas (1941 short)

Well, a mouse *is* stirring... And he's having fun playing with the toys, until he mistakes Tom for a stuffed toy and wakes him up.

7.8/10 756
3 Swooner Crooner (1944 short)

Porky Pig's egg faces production problems when a crooning rooster distracts the hens from their jobs.

7.2/10 364
4 Got My Eye on You (2007 short)

After learning that her office crush is a member of has-been rock-star Mark Marvel's fan club, Gleleanor runs for fan club president to get noticed.

7.4/10 343
5 Young Man's Fancy (1952 short)

A visiting young man prefers the household electrical appliances over the teenage daughter!

2.5/10 114
6 Skallamann (2011 short) 7.9/10 87
7 She-Sick Sailors (1944 short)

Bluto disguises himself as Superman in order to impress the comic book hero's biggest fan, Olive Oyl. A jealous Popeye becomes a real superhero by eating his spinach.

7.0/10 44
8 Knospen wollen explodieren (2005 short)

The young girls Kate and Echo live in their own land of make believe. When one of them stumbles across the real world, their friendship faces a serious challenge.

7.9/10 31
9 The Legend of Jules Spitzerelli (2006 short)

A documentary about the underground sensation turned mega-star icon, Jules Spitzerelli. Close friend...

10 It Won't Be Long (2010 short)

A timid young man struggles to confess his romantic feelings for his barber over the course of his regular monthly haircuts.

11 Ana, Where Are You? (2014 short)
12 Le premier pas (2014 short)
13 Echoes of Her (2014 short)

13 titles

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