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1 The Life and Times of Judge Roy Bean (1972)

A no account outlaw establishes his own particular brand of law and order and builds a town on the edges of civilization in this farcical western...

7.0/10 4,286
2 On the Old Spanish Trail (1947)

With a $10,000 note Roy co-signed for the Pioneers due, Roy plans to get the money from the reward for the capture of the Gypsy...

6.2/10 93
3 The Gambler from Natchez (1954)

Returning to New Orleans, following four years of army service in Texas in the 1840s, Captain Vance Colby finds his father...

6.8/10 74
4 Shooting High (1940)

A movie company making a film about a famous sheriff hires his grandson as a stand-in for the lead. The grandson's friend scares the actor out of town so he can get the role.

6.3/10 67
5 Stardust on the Sage (1942)

The foreman of a mining company is out to steal the mine from its owners, and Gene must stop him.

6.7/10 45
6 North from the Lone Star (1941)

Kirby is taking over Deadwood and his next victim is Wilson. But Wild Bill arrives just in time to foil Kirby's plan...

6.6/10 14

6 titles

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