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1 Sea of Love (1989)

A detective investigating a series of murders becomes involved with a woman who may be the culprit.

6.8/10 25,903
2 The Loved Ones (2009)

When Brent turns down his classmate Lola's invitation to the prom, she concocts a wildly violent plan for revenge.

6.7/10 20,724
3 Rocco e i suoi fratelli (1960)

Having recently been uprooted to Milan, Rocco and his four brothers each look for a new way in life when a prostitute comes between Rocco and his brother Simone.

8.3/10 9,138
4 The Paradine Case (1947)

A happily married London barrister falls in love with the accused poisoner he is defending.

6.5/10 6,367
5 Haasil (2003)

Anirudhh, a law-abiding college student, in love with Niharika, gets caught up in college politics and crime, and must fight it out for himself, when friends turn into foes.

7.7/10 1,416
6 Firecracker (2005)

A tale of murder in small-town Kansas. When Jimmy is lured away from his abusive family by a traveling sideshow carnival...

5.7/10 798
7 Koruto wa ore no pasupooto (1967)

The melancholy, homely Kamimura is a hit man who takes a job to kill a mob boss who's gotten greedy...

7.6/10 684
8 The Perfect Assistant (2008 TV movie)

A woman becomes obsessively infatuated with her boss, and when his wife becomes ill, she sees an opportunity to seduce him.

4.2/10 517
9 L'homme blessé (1983)

A young man discovers his homosexuality and begins a relationship with a manipulative huster/petty criminal that he meets at a train station.

6.8/10 506
10 La Cucaracha (1998)

A desperate writer fights for survival when the Mexican mob involves him in murder.

6.5/10 277
11 Bright Hair (1997 TV movie) 7.2/10 161
12 Bollywood and Vine (2004 video) 4.6/10 112
13 Double Danger (1938) 5.8/10 102
14 Secrets of a Co-Ed (1942) 5.6/10 20
15 The Soul of Broadway (1915)
16 The Wheels of Justice (1915)

16 titles

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