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1 San Pietro (1945 documentary short)

This documentary movie is about the battle of San Pietro, a small village in Italy. Over 1,100 US soldiers...

7.1/10 845
2 Tag der Freiheit - Unsere Wehrmacht (1935 documentary short)

Filming of the performance show the Deutsche Wehrmacht (German Army) made during the Reichsparteitag of the NSDAP in Nurnberg 1935...

6.3/10 380
3 9th Infantry Boys' Morning Wash (1898 documentary short)

"Imagine forty or fifty soldier boys each with a pail of water on the ground before him, sousing and spattering and scrubbing away for dear life...

3.7/10 74
4 10th U.S. Infantry, 2nd Battalion Leaving Cars (1898 documentary short)

"Hurrah here they come! Hot, dusty, grim and determined! Real soldiers, every inch of them! No gold lace and chalked belts and shoulder straps...

"   64
5 High C's (1930 short)

Charles is a doughboy in France; for him, war is another opportunity to sing in a quartet. He falls for Antoinette...

6.6/10 60
6 L'ami y'a bon (2005 short)

Tells the tragic story of the Senegalese colonials who were drafted to help repel the German blitzkrieg invasion of France in World War II...

6.9/10 54
7 David and Goliath (1986 video short) 6.7/10 50
8 The United States Service Bands (1943 documentary short)

Service bands from the Army Air Corps, Navy, Marines, and Army perform patriotic songs in front of iconic landmark buildings like the Capitol and the Lincoln and Jefferson Memorials.

6.3/10 23
9 25th Infantry (1900 documentary short)

Gen. Frederick D. Grant, and Gen. A.S. Burt returning from Mt. Ariat, at the head of the famous 25th Infantry, colored.

3.6/10 22
10 Fighting the War (1916 documentary short)

A documentary showing numerous scenes of combat on the Western Front during the First World War.

6.4/10 20
11 Canada Vignettes: Home of the Beaver (1978 short) 5.9/10 10
12 Canada Vignettes: Land of the Maple Leaf (1978 documentary short) 6.0/10 "  
13 General Ginsberg (1930 short)
14 Steamer 'Mascotte' Arriving at Tampa (1898 documentary short)
15 Bayonet Exercises (1903 documentary short)
16 The Star-Spangled Banner (1942 short)
17 Our Father (2015 short)

17 titles

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