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1 Plus rien... (2000 short)

Paris 1942, Sarah, a six year old Jewish girl is forced to chose among her possessions what she will carry in her flight, making this choice the construction of her own history.

8.5/10 51
2 Vasilisa Mikulishna (1975 short)

Women are not less equal than men.

7.5/10 35
3 Musica-Lulu (1947 short)

Lulu is put on trial by talking musical instruments for neglecting her violin.

6.0/10 25
4 A Toytown Tale (1931 short)

Late night in the toy shop. The toymaker goes up to bed, leaving his wind-up policeman to guard the shop...

4.7/10 24
5 Heirs of Empires (2009 short)

In the near future, the world's nations are locked in global war. Fearing for their safety, a small...

8.7/10 17
6 Alice's Spanish Guitar (1926 short)

Putrid Pete becomes infatuated with Alice's guitar playing, so he kidnaps her and imprisons her in his castle.

5.3/10 10
7 Bigger and Better Jails (1925 short)
8 The Electronic Mouse Trap (1946 short)

A perverted and merciless Cat-professor takes scientific progress to his own selfish ends by perfecting an electronically-operated mouse trap...

9 Descenso (2000 documentary short)
10 Calling Scotland Yard: The Missing Passenger (1954 short)

Two sisters become recluses after being jilted by a man who was courting both. He couldn't make up his...

11 Hard Time (2008 short)
12 La visite du major (1909 short)
13 Kapatilma (2003 short)
14 Moze to grzech, ze sie modle (1994 documentary short)

14 titles

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