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1 Finding Nemo (2003)

After his son is captured in the Great Barrier Reef and taken to Sydney, a timid clownfish sets out on a journey to bring him home.

8.2/10 473,432
2 Trixie (2000)

An eccentric, unconventional woman whose naive aspirations to rise from her job as a security guard to full-fledged private eye lead her into a tangled PL: mess.

4.9/10 1,210
3 Illegal (1955)

After an overly aggressive district attorney unknowingly sends an innocent man to the chair, he resigns, turns to drinking, and acquires a criminal clientèle.

7.0/10 794
4 The Hard Way (1943)

Embittered, ambitious Helen Sherman sees an opportunity to escape her drab small-town life by becoming a 'stage mother' to her musically-talented younger sister.

7.3/10 656
5 Lautrec (1998) 6.8/10 397
6 Meet the People (1944)

A idealistic shipyard worker interests a beautiful Hollywood star in staging a musical tribute to the war industry, but they disagree on some important issues.

5.9/10 220
7 Frank Sinatra's Welcome Home Party for Elvis Presley (1960 TV special)

Variety show starring Frank Sinatra, welcoming home singer Elvis Presley after his U.S. Army tour of duty in Germany.

6.8/10 105
8 Kevin Pollak: The Littlest Suspect (2010 TV movie)

THE LITTLEST SUSPECT is the third one hour stand-up special by Kevin Pollak.

7.0/10 75
9 Toast of the Town (1948 TV series)
Episode: Episode #17.19

The first appearance of the Beatles on American television.

8.4/10 31
10 Postal Union (1937 short)

A telegraph worker has to learn magic in order to get a pretty co-worker to agree to marry him.

5.3/10 19
11 Lovejoy (1986 TV series)
Episode: Kids
7.8/10 16
12 Toast of the Town (1948 TV series)
Episode: Episode #17.21
7.7/10 "  
13 Mr. Lucky (1959 TV series)
Episode: The Last Laugh
8.0/10 8
14 The Frank Sinatra Show (1957 TV series)
Episode: Sammy Davis Jr.
1.0/10 6
15 Lismer (1952 documentary short)
16 Showbiz (1982 TV series)
17 Stardust in Your Eyes (1953 short)
18 Memoirs Are Better as Fiction (2009 short)
19 Janet and Company (1980 TV series)
20 Austin Entertainment Live! (2010 TV series)
21 Transcendent Nomadic (2013 short)
22 The Frank Sinatra Show (1950 TV series)
Episode: Episode #2.13

22 titles

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