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1 The Minutemen Movie (2010 documentary)

In a barren desert, surrounded by limitless horizon, there stands a 700 mile perforated barrier separating the haves and the have not's...

7.5/10 11
2 Lost Years (2011 documentary)

An epic documentary touching upon 150 years of the Chinese diaspora in Canada, USA, New Zealand and...

8.5/10 8
3 Living in a Metropolis (1952 short)

This look at New York City shows it as a hub of transportation, and its citizens are shown in their thousands on varied occupations...

4 Esmeralda: A Transgender Detainee Speaks Out (2009 video documentary)

Courage comes in many different forms. For Esmeralda, a transgender asylum seeker from Mexico, who faced...

5 Two Moms Fight to Stay Together (2010 video documentary)

Shirley Tan came from the Philippines decades ago, and built a life with her partner Jay, giving birth to twin boys and becoming a full-time mom...

6 The Hand That Feeds (2014 documentary)

Shy sandwich-maker Mahoma and his undocumented immigrant coworkers set out to end abusive conditions at a New York restaurant chain. This epic power struggle turns a single city block into a battlefield in America's new wage wars.

7 One Day in LA: The Immigrant Experience (2014 documentary short)

The experiences of the immigrant community in Los Angeles and their struggles on an average day in LA.

8 Full Disclosure Network (1993 TV series documentary)

8 titles

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